So why are you different?

Well,¬†reading Nietzsche or the Tao Te Ching and listening to show tunes sound like a great night to me. I was home schooled for the majority of my primary education, I’m a philosophy major at Weber State, and I usually disdain LGBT culture. However, don’t think that I’m unique. I’m not. There are others like me, somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moonlight. But, I digress. I’m different because there is something infinitely deeper and more meaningful than sex and getting drunk, and I have dedicated my life to finding the truly meaningful, numinous moments in this life.

One of the things that sets me apart, and makes my search more difficult, is that I am dealing with a great deal of internalized homophobia. I’m in therapy, learning that yes, it’s absolutely OK to be gay, but this will be ¬†a long, tedious process.

So why write about it?

Growing up in a strictly religious home made me feel very, very alone (No, Mom. That’s not your fault. Don’t feel like I’m blaming you). Part of why I have chosen to write is so that others in similar situations or those who are struggling with the difficulties of dating in the LGBT+ Community don’t feel alone. I also enjoy writing. I’ve been published in an Undergraduate journal, I have maintained a personal diary since I was learning how to write (so for about three years), and it’s simply one of my greatest joys. I also write because I’m tired of people subscribing to the stereotypes about my community. Yes, I can party and have a great time, however I am also capable of deep, deep thoughts. In today’s anti-intellectualist society, I don’t want to sit down and shut up. I am fiercely intelligent and will not suffer a fool to speak over me.

I also want to inject a bit more thought into the LGBT+ Community. The Advocate, Pride, OUT, and other large LGBT publications have abandoned thought in favor of catchy titles and half naked men (I don’t really mind that, as long as it was attached to a critique of Pres. Trump withdrawing from the TPP). I want to provide an outlet for people to talk to each other and ask questions. Once discussion has been silenced, democracy dies.

Finally, I don’t want young people to have a gay bar or Grindr be their first interaction with the gay community. They are in a vulnerable place, either in the pre or post closet years, and I (although this is super conceited *tosses hair back*) want to set a good example for them. So please, browse around, read, and reach out to me if you have questions!


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