The Art of Growing

A few weeks ago, my therapist and I had a very long conversation about potatoes. Being of Eastern European descent, I found this topic to be incredibly interesting, because I love potatoes. Anyway, we talked about how potatoes, when stored in a cellar with only a single window, will begin to sprout and grow towards... Continue Reading →


The Art of Unpacking

Today in the world of the Avant-Garde Guy, it's time for me to start unpacking.

Transgender Rights Don’t Matter

So it's been a crazy week. President Trump still, somehow, gets left unsupervised when he has his cell phone. Which is fine, I guess we should trust the head of the most powerful military to not start a war using Twitter. Fortunately he hasn't, but he did manage to whip up major furor over a... Continue Reading →

To be a Ring Bearer is to be Alone

So basically I've been spending a lot of time being sad lately. I haven't wanted to do homework, I (obviously) haven't wanted to blog, I haven't wanted to go to class, I haven't wanted to function, simply because I have felt more sad these past few weeks than I thought was humanly possible. I tried... Continue Reading →

Love and Duty

So I'm in therapy, right? It's something I talk about openly, because hey, we're all a little crazy and it shouldn't be a scarlet letter that we try to hide. That being said, it has helped me a great deal, so I would recommend therapy to anyone. Notwithstanding my shameless plug that everyone should go... Continue Reading →

I don’t deserve ‘Love’.

Last week, I left off on a bit of a dreary note, so I wanted to bring resolution to that by saying I don't deserve 'Love'. At all. Ever. Period. But... but... to love and be loved is one of the highest aspirations of any person! Indeed, our culture is saturated with 'love'. Bad RomComs,... Continue Reading →

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